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Hydracil Infinite 15ml: Radiance and Infinite Hydration for Your Eyes

Our love for Hydracil inspired the creation of Hydracil Infinite, now available in a 15ml size for the under-eye area, lashes, and brows. Experience ultimate skincare that redefines natural beauty.

Why You'll Love It:

A treasure trove of hydration for the under-eye area, lashes, and brows. Hydracil is crafted with love in Canada. Our enhanced gel formula contains 72% organic and 98% natural ingredients for optimal hydration.

Suggested Beauty Routine:

1. Cleanse lashes: Prepare your lashes with a clean slate.
2. Apply Hydracil: Provide infinite hydration for sumptuous lashes and brows.
3. Add RichBrow: Enrich and strengthen your lashes and brows with our exclusive serum.
4. Hydracil Infinite: Elevate the luxurious ritual by delicately applying Hydracil Infinite around the eyes and on the face for a complete skincare experience.

Usage Guide:

Morning, post-cleansing: A touch of Hydracil Infinite for a radiant day.
Evening, before bedtime: Maximize the ritual with an additional layer for an intensive night care.


You can now refill your Hydracil tube up to 3 TIMES.


Exceptional Versatility:

Hydracil Infinite can also be used on the entire face for light and instant hydration. The lightweight formula is easily absorbed, leaving your skin soft and nourished.


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